Dolphin Watching and Mangrove Exploration
April 9, 2021

Educational tour by Drishti Lifesavers

On 27th March 2021 we at Live Happy conducted an educational field trip in collaboration with

Drishti Lifesavers for our tuition children. 15 children were present for the field trip.
The trip began at 9:30 am from Happy Home to Vagator beach. A small bus was arranged by Mr. Joe
for the children’s transport. He also sponsored fruits (watermelons, oranges and bananas) for the
children, volunteers and the life guards. Drishti Lifesavers too arranged for snacks (samosa and frooti)
for all our kids and team.
The day at the beach began with the introduction of the children and the life guards. Mr. Elias from
Drishti explained to the children the importance of a life guard and their role at the beach. He
mentioned that it is necessary to greet the life guard before you enter the ocean to swim and that
knowing to swim is essential.
Mr. Amit from Drishti then explained the dangers of not knowing to swim and demonstrated to the
children the basic techniques of how to enter and tackle an ocean with waves. The team then took the
children into the ocean to learn and practice the techniques with few volunteers. All the kids were
excited since most of them were eager to swim and learn swimming.
The children were taken in groups of five at a time. They were all very enthusiastic to get in. Each child got individual attention and teaching from a life guard. The adults too, were taken into the ocean after the children for a short swim. 

The children then spent some time swimming, playing games on the shore and building sand castles in the sand.

The day at Vagator beach ended with everyone relishing the watermelons and oranges that kept us hydrated on an extremely hot summer day. Everyone also enjoyed the samosa and frooti given by Drishti. The children and volunteers whole heartedly thanked the Drishti team for their valuable time and effort in teaching the children about the ocean and marine life.

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