Heritage Experiences

Holistic Learning Classes

Shaping the child for enabling them to avail of opportunities to compete with the existing expectations of society is something that is constantly focused upon in educational institutions. However, Live Happy NGO seeks to twist this ideology inorder to nurture independent and creative and critical thinkers of tomorrow that formulate change by living with example. The following programs are created in light of these conditions:

Academic Hour : The aspect of quality education is addressed here as prescribed by the UN. There are several educational institutions that are definitely set up for the sake of rural development, however to ensure this becomes a tedious task as the ratio of students per teacher is overwhelming. These classes therefore serve as a bridge for providing adequate learning among students, to ensure that no child is left behind. This hour is to help the children to achieve their academic goals acknowledging the aspirations of their parents.

Personality Development : Life skills development training is a curriculum designed as per the ideology of Live Happy NGO. Here students are exposed to nurturing different aspects of their being namely- cognitive, affective and behavioural. Children are guided to enhance their thinking capabilities, interpersonal relationships and behaviours that generally serve them and the greater good of society.

Literacy Program : The importance of functional learning is focused upon in Holistic learning classes. These directly target the goals as described within the UN. Children are often pressurized with the load of different subjects that often do not serve credible futures. Through this program a functional set of subjects are focused upon in order to strengthen the very foundations of education namely- mathematics and English.

Live Happy Practicum : Music, Art, Culture and Biodiversity Programs- Live Happy NGO believes in hands-on learning experiences among children that encompasses different boundaries. This focuses on different life lessons that are otherwise neglected in mainstream classrooms.

Collaborative Workshops : Live Happy NGO acknowledges the need for exposing children to different forms of learning and vocations that are prevalent in society. Through this Live Happy NGO seeks to bring fun learning into the classroom. Children here are exposed to different people internationally and locally from various professions.

You can sponsor the holistic education of a child at our holistic learning classes at Rs.6,000 a year. Reach out to us to know more.