Two Lives


TWO LIVES was created to support the social projects carried out by us. TWO LIVES provides and facilitates cultural exchange services between Spain and India,through:

1.Socially conscious travel to India and Spain.

2.Online exchanges between students in both countries.

3.Activities that foster the spread of knowledge(ancient yogic science) and experiences in each country.

The ideology upon which this organization is set thrives on Ancient Yogic science and there is much need to spread awareness about this aspect as well. Owing to the colorful mosaic type of background that Live Happy Founders enjoy it comes at no surprise that Live Happy NGO has spread internationally and rightfully won international acclaim in different societies.

Live Happy NGO is a fluid entity that not only looks at putting Goa on the cultural and self sustaining map, per say. It must be noted that Live Happy NGO understands the importance of Goa's heritage to be a widespread phenomenon nationally. However, Live Happy also acknowledges the rich yet vast Indian heritage laden in Ancient Yogic science and the way of living that is derived in these teachings that is still very much unknown to the world. This is an effort to target the effects of globalization with glocalisation, to preserve and protect and in most cases restore the true identity of India and with that of Goa.

Short term Goals
  • To form positive relationships with different organizations abroad for providing cultural exchanges between two countries.
Long term Goals
  • To set up Live Happy NGO as a platform for international cultural exchange between several countries.

Here's our founders talking about the 'Two Lives Programme'!