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Assagao Heritage Walk

The village of Assagao hosts the mysterious Kattor (scissor) monument that’s rumored to be 1,000 years old.

The walk begins with an introduction from the son of the soil his energy ,passion, pride and love for the village's rich biodiversity and its architectural marvels will ensure that all remnants of sleep are done away with!

The sights to be seen range from beautiful Goan mansions: the pillars and shell windows adorning windowpanes and gates, to the fruits and berries that we'll see along the way. As we go through the village, we'll also play an interactive game that will have you guessing the local wild fruits, domestic fruits and indigenous medicinal plants that we'll find!

Towards the end of the walk, we will head back to the starting point for a unique experience to make your own drink with medicinal ingredients, locally prepared food and a sing-along to Goan folk songs, which you will definitely be singing along to in the days after your experience with us!

Key Details
Days : Every Saturday
Time : 4 PM to 6.30 PM
Meeting Point : Live Happy Center, Assagao
Cost : 1,300 per head
Cancellation Policy:Free Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance
Transportation: Additional charges
Includes: Music, snacks, local sweets and authentic Goan food,harbal authentic drinks and games.

Please carry your mask , sanitizer ,water, towel and cap.
Wear comfortable clothes and footwear
Come with your group of family and friends as we do not want to mix groups
We will avoid physical contact with guests like handshakes.
If you are showing COVID related symptoms please stay home

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    • Fascinating walk with a lot of beautiful,knowledge, faces and food. They are doing amazing stuff and I wish everyone who finds themselves in goa could do this walk. It makesthe world a better place! -Nora 0' Shiel
    • Fascinating walk with a lot of beautiful stories, about get to know what local food is like and knowledge, faces and food. They are doing what is the heritage of Assagao. As a part of the tourism in Goa I can say that eating restaurant food and going to the beach is also a nice experience but to try homemade food from a local person, listen to local music and get aware of the heritage gave me a better understanding of the culture in Goa. It is my duty as a tourist to support the preservation the culture and heritage of Goa. -Melissa Perez
    • The Heritage walk in Assagao was beautiful, passionate social activist, wonderful home made food, contextual meetings in the forest with the land, the animals and with the culture. Highly recommended for those who are interested in the area, the local people and Goa's history. - Nikki Chapman
    • This is a fascinating walk. We learnt so much about the local trees and history of Assagao. It was such fun and so interesting. It included a trip to a local bakery, a Baba and a short climb up a hill to see the amazing views and an historical monument. We were also treated to local food and drink, which was delicious and Shakti music. One of the highlights was a visit to a local center where children learn to care for the environment and where they collect and recycle rubbish. They do such amazing work and I would highly recommend this walk. We came back from the walk feeling really happy and uplifted. - Jesper Lagerman