Live Happy was founded in 2010 in the village of Assagao in Goa, India. Forming a positive yet powerful impactful message as a sticker, thousands of stickers were spread in low emotion and low energy places like hospitals, police stations, market places and government offices. The intention of putting up these stickers in this places was to give an individual a hope and a speck of happiness and to urge one to look inside and happiness within in their state of despair, depression, anxiety, stress or low emotions and heal them. For four years Felly Gomes worked relentlessly towards spreading this POWERFUL IMPACTFUL MESSAGE to SIMPLY "LIVE HAPPY" through various activities- Yoga, Meditation sessions and Garbage cleanliness drives to lower stress within and without, in his village and around Goa.

‚ÄčThen he met his partner, Beatriz Contreras Milla , also a social worker from Spain with experience in social issues and who was completely aligned to the spirit of LIVE HAPPY from DAY 1, they decided to take Live Happy on a higher dimension and spread the message far and wide. They formed an NGO with their close friend who is also one of the board members at Live Happy. The LIVE HAPPY TEAM is working on different projects focusing on social, environment and economic issues in the community. Live Happy (NGO) is presently working in Assagao village, Goa by creating a socially sustainable village model. Through our network in Spain, we are spreading the message there by conducting yoga sessions and promoting cultural exchange between the two countries.