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Live Happy's internship/volunteering programme is designed to help you choose the area of work that is most suitable to your learning preferences. While working with Live Happy, we will ensure that you get the opportunity to develop new skills and encounter new experiences on a daily basis.

We, at Live Happy, also respect the skills that you come with and are extremely keen on learning from your experiences, which we hope you will share with us! That being said, we get several applications and aren't able to accommodate for everyone's preferences, so we hope that you will be as specific as possible regarding what you hope to gain from interning with us. Our interns participate in a range of activities that we offer, and you can choose how you'd like to contribute to our programme from the following:

1. Heritage research

2. Waste awareness - cleanliness campaigns

3. Activities with children of the community

4. Guide training for our heritage walks

5. Media, marketing and fundraising

6. Awareness activities with school children

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    Here's what some of our volunteers have to say about their experience with us!

    " Working with Live Happy has been a pleasure and beautiful experience on so many levels: I was allowed to work with a wonderful team, all of them loving human beings with bright ideas and creativity. Our work involved planning, creating and getting active with the children for many different topics: dance, school, climate, environment and many more. Not to forget the many events that introduced us to the Goan culture and all the times we've spent laughing and dancing. I'm so very grateful for everything and wish Live Happy all the best for the future!"


    " It was indeed a very satisfying and rewarding experience working with live happy and also interacting with the children. Through your various activities, you have been able to surface the talents of the children besides giving them the opportunity to express themselves. The children are fortunate to have an exposure to the environment and live with nature while appreciating it. It has been a warm experience and I always felt comfortable and part of the team. I wish the organization success in all their endeavors."


    "Live Happy has been a very joyful and fulfilling experience. It's been a privilege to not only academically educate the children but to also teach them values and skills that they will need in the future. I have been a volunteer for almost 2 years and it has been uplifting. I am grateful for the experience and wish Live Happy and the kids only the best."

    Isabel Machado

    " My experience with Live Happy was a great learning experience in terms of those aspects of nature which I was never aware of my entire life as a Student and as a Professional..Got to meet a good Team Leader Miss Talasha who was encouraging and motivating the whole time. Along with Felly Sir who was all round looking for new ideas and ventures to help the local kids at Assagao understand the monuments ,animals ,plants and most of Goan ecosystem through digital medium.."

    Wishing the team all the best for your future endeavors.."


    "I am very thankful for my time as a volunteer at Live Happy. I really enjoyed every afternoon with the kids. I did also appreciate working on the permaculture project with Felly and to see the new garden grow every day. In my opinion Live Happy NGO is doing a lot of great projects in Assagao and the NGO contributes to the community. When we had to leave due to the Coronavirus it was a big shock and I would have loved to stay longer. This experience helped me choose my new field of study, so I can work at NGOs like Live Happy in the future again in a different position."


    "Live Happy is a place which makes you feel just that. Happy! The cool, green environment, the smiling faces of children and the eco-friendly architecture gives back to you more than you can give to the place. Live Happy has a beautiful vibe and volunteering there is a joy."

    Andrew Pereira

    "It's been a pleasure working with live happy with true and genuine people and the loving and caring attitude provided to these children, none could have done and said it better than the people who work at live happy and a thank you to the volunteers who donate their time to make a difference. "

    Joseph D’souza

    "Working for the Live Happy NGO, though online, was truly enriching and helped me enhance my creativity. The founder, co-founder and coordinator were extremely helpful and cooperative. Given an opportunity, I would love to work with the NGO again."


    "I really like volunteering for Live Happy NGO.. It gives me the opportunity to interact with new people and it's really nice to watch the talents of young kids on stage. "


    "Working at Live Happy NGO has boosted my skills working with apps such as coral draw, Canva, PicsArt, etc. My work was to design study posters for children at Live happy foundation. I learned to do quality work, and would have weekly meetings and discuss if any changes to be made on the same. In general, I can say that the internship at Live Happy was an invaluable experience for me, the knowledge and skills I gained during this period will certainly help me in the future. "


    "I am from Germany and I was volunteering for Live Happy in 2019. Due to my internship I learned a lot about the different cultures and about myself. The openness of the organisation gave me the opportunity to create a program with fitts to my strengths. To sum up the kids and people which I got to know there were very nice and it feels like we are in one family."