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Live Empower

This venture of Live Happy has been created to ensure that along with behavior development, the need for nurturing a sustainable mindset among people is addressed. Live Empower not only targets creating awareness of the issues faced by society but also deals with a grass root level approach where children are shaped into promising citizens of growth and development. Here the aspect of basic humanitarian rights come into play where the community involves itself in bringing out positive results in the youth of today to be better adults of tomorrow.

Aims and Objectives

-To promote quality education, by filling different loopholes that are usually not covered in the classroom setting, holistic approach to education.

-To provide efficient and effective learning and thereby improve the quality of literary statistics, through holistic approaches.

-To provide an opportunity to children to enhance their skills and potential through enriching fun learning activities.

-To allow children to discover new interests in academics and to nurture talents that already exist.

-Shaping the child for enabling them to avail of opportunities to compete with the existing expectations of society.

-To nurture independent and creative and critical thinkers of tomorrow that formulates change by living with an example.

Short Term Goals
  • To not only ensure quality education but to provide a platform for holistic learning among children.
  • To provide true nourishment of potentials.
  • To provide a platform for understanding basic child rights as prescribed by international standards.
Long Term Goals
  • To act as a nurturing ground for prosocial behavior by providing holistic measures of learning.
  • To address the UN goals of quality education and empowering youth, not only the girl child for better living.


Live Happy Tuition Classes

The project seeks to inculcate the

social norms and values in children

by developing a sense of

responsibility and good conduct

amongst them. It will work towards

enhancing the chance of getting

good quality of education as well

as promote self-confidence

amongst them by provide tuition

classes with affordable fees for the