Social Projects

Permaculture Project

We take up projects that are aimed to bring about Social Movements that directly seek to bring about change in the society and generate awareness and momentum in Permaculture. Through this we strive for most if not all houses, in Assagao- Goa to be self-sustaining with the help of our projects based on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) principles.

Short term Goals
  • Clean Up drives - Targeting frequented Tourist areas
  • Waste management Programs – In the form of gatherings, flash mobs and street plays.
  • Biodiversity Programs – Food Kitchen Garden and Medicinal Herb Garden Project.
  • Water conservation Projects – Rain water Harvesting and Groundwater Recharge Program (Off Season).
Long Term Goals
  • To protect and preserve Goan flora and fauna.
  • To release the pressure on ground water usage that has plagued the land due to excessive influx of population either by tourism or rise in real estate.
  • To establish self sustaining houses for the Goan people across different villages.