Social Projects


Our outreach, awareness and direct action programme aims to generate

awareness as well as involve the local community in action for cleaner, healthier

and more empowered lives.


Clean up Drives
We organise clean up drives which a are community-based initiative that inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment. Our aim is
• To ensure the environment is safe, clean and healthy
• To ensure environmental sustainability
• To promote environmental awareness
• To restore community pride
• To promote local trade and tourism
• To engage communities in long term environmental initiatives.
Awareness Talks
We organise waste awareness talks for the community. Awareness is one of the important aspect for the change. We believe creating awareness regarding the increasing threat of waste will help people understand the situation better and to be more responsible towards the disposal.we conduct awareness talks for Schools, public places and restaurants.


Live Happy NGO under the project Live Empower,where the man goal is create Leadership instills confidence,and helps children from Assagao to solve problems creatively,work in a team,and work collaboratively with others in a informal education in Happy Home.Monday to Friday from 3.30PM to 5.30PM.

School Awareness
Live Happy NGO conducts awareness talks in schools. Topics that we take up are Garbage awareness, Hygiene, Values and suggested topics by the children.These talks help children understand the world better. We have experts and volunteers who conduct these talks. Our main focus is to generate values in children and make them a better citizen of the society.
live Happy Learning Classes

Live Happy NGO conductstuition classes for underprivileged and financial& backwerd chilcken. These tuition classes are not orgy academics but also it invades overall development of the kids. We provide them a suitable environment for education.
• Our aim is to inculcate the social norms and values in children by developing a sense of responsioikty and good conduct among them. It will work towards enhancing the chance of getting good quality of education.
• Giving behavior model to children.
• Teach children how to see things from anther's point of view.
• Help children build self-confidence. • Find ways to create problem solving situations.
• Give children the opportunity to take leadership roles in the classroom.
• Teach children how to work with others in a team situation.
• Encourage children to pursue things that interest them.
• Enocurage communication and action.
We also conduct educational trips for the children.


Our community building programmes celebrate the culture and empower the

community of Assagao.


Upcycle is a term used for regular household products that have completed their intended use and the form has been chosen to be retained. These products receive additional work (via form or art) that move them 'Ur the recycle loop. One should up cycle before a recycle as much as possible. Eco-friendly products mainly home-made products produced by locals are promoted and marketed at our community center.
Left: Upcycled wine bottles made by local women.


We promote Local Goan Cuisine. We believe that a region's food is an important part of its cultural identity. Thus, during our activities, field trips and Heritage Experiences we offer Authentic Goan food made by locals to our guests. In this way, we are able to not only preserve and promote local cuisine but also empower local people by generating an alternate source of income for them.


Our advocacy programme provides a platform for the community of Assagao to

actively participate as citizens in the governance and management of Assagao.


Live Happy organizes Community Get together/Meeting in order to help the community to raise their voice and to show case their views. Aware Citizens of Assagao — A community meeting that held every Saturday where people discussed their problems and came up with solutions with the expertise. Five groups were formed - Waste management group, Biodiversity group, Educational Group and water group. Aware Citizens Group the meetings also helped in raising awareness regarding voting in the election. There was an increase in the number of voters after these Awareness meetings.

Live clean flash mob in calagute

Cleaning in badem sunset point

VIDEO VOLUNTEERS community people doing cleaniness drive In Assagao.

LIVE HAPPY Song with activities relating c Different cleaniness drive done by community members