Online Exchange between Schools

Online exchange between schools

We mean to provide the experiences of living and learning in the same time, for our students by taking advantage of the new technologies and globalization moment, which we can provide them:

1.Improve English as an international communication language.

2.The opportunity to open the children mind with non-judgmental attitudes and tolerance, growing on a personal and social level.

3.To broaden the range of intercultural knowledge and create a more complete view of societies different from our own.

We would like to connect your school with others in Spain/India in order to partner with your institution to conduct an online interactive program, that aims to provide students a platform for interacting and gaining knowledge of cross-cultural topics. Students participating in this project will engage in activities that the teachers propose in order to know more about their own culture and teach to the other country.


The proposal below is flexible and can be easily adapted to the needs of the individual centre in terms of context, areas or participant profile.

Who is exchange program for?

1.Teacher interested in Intercultural education.

2.Schools that are interested in increasing students learning outcomes, reinforcing values,enhancing classroom activities, etc, their value systems based in teaching experiences with other NGOs who support schools activities to their existing syllabuses.

3.Conmintment level to improve education.

4.Students with basic knowledge in English will be necesary