Sustainable Economy

Sustainable Economy

Live Happy NGO acknowledges that the current economic model is entirely dependent on Goan real estate and tourism, which are concentrated on a selected few areas in Goa for certain months in a year. This not only creates problems for crowd control but sometimes causes great inconvenience to the locals.

Live Happy NGO therefore seeks to set up a platform for these businesses by restoring Goan heritage and integrating it into business models, a venture that is otherwise left untapped by the mainstream market.

Long term Goal
  • To proportionately spread the tourism influx not only to different areas but also to have widespread tourists throughout the year instead of being dependent on the usual off season and on season model.
Short term Goal
  • To Host and Organize traditional Goan festivals to provide a variety of tourists to visit Goa.
  • To support local business.

There are two main key points here- cultural heritage and community involvement that are required to reach this goal. This can be ascertained through the following projects:

Heritage Walks : To replicate models that encourage heritage tours and sightseeing that are prevalent in different countries ordained with monuments and cultural settings. To book yourself a heritage walk in the village of assagao click here add link to book a heritage walk. 20 percent of the income made through the heritage walk goes towards funding Live Happy NGO.

Excursions : To provide opportunities for youth to learn/train and have regular exposure to Goan culture and tradition, in order to pursue career prospects in guided tours as a wide scale industry.

Cultural Events and promotions: To revive festivals and traditions on international levels and to promote involvement of communities as possible tourist attractions. To promote different small scale business so as to take away dependence of certain types of clientele, to have a community centered approach for business rather than engaging in extensive competition.

Information center: To provide information for different cultural activities and events taking place all over Goa. To initiate and spread awareness of different types of alternative tourism businesses like nature walks, bird watching experiences.