Travel with meaning

Travel with Meaning

A cultural exchange service..

Travel and Living

Live Happy NGO founders travel far and wide to spread awareness about Goan and Indian heritage, by taking part in cultural exhibitions, hosting Yoga workshops, approaching educational institutions to teach and spread awareness of the same.

The time we dedicate ourselves produces a social and environmental impact.


Creating a Sustainable Develop Tourist model : MEANINGFUL TRAVEL

Using available resources in the community.

Investing 20% of the profit in LIVE HAPPY NGO social projects.

Providing housing for women that is safe and empowers them (through the activities of the program) .

Giving back to the community (economic impact).


1.LIVING, for 10 days with vetted amazing home-stay families, eating organic, local food,and experiencing the culture and local traditions.


Personal level: daily yoga practice and meditation.

Social level: involvement community activities through LIVE HAPPY NGO’s projects.

Community: being an active member in a Sustainable Development Model

20% of money raised will directly go to our Social Projects You can help us prove that there is a market for immersive cultural tourism Your visit will help create a network of social resources to improve cultural exchanges in the future You will help generate income and employment for local communities in Assagao.



Contact us for more details


10 days


Accommodation Home stays*

Daily yoga classes: 1.5 hours per day

Daily meditation classes: 1 hour day

Ayurvedic Massages

Natural Therapies

Local Heritage Experiences*

Vegetarian food*

Participation in our social projects as a volunteer.

Creativity development workshops: music and dancing

wo Lives will donate 20% of what each participant pays (of the program fee) to support other local NGOs.

​*contact us for more info.