Felly Gomes


Felly Gomes is a Yogi, public speaker, Environmentalist and a So cial entrepreneur. He is the founder of the NGO, LIVE HAPPY, he looks for practical and sustainable community solutions . The ethos is derived from the importance of living a clean, ha ppy and healthy lifestyle. Bhoomiputra (Son of the Soil), haili ng from the village of Assagao, Goa, India, he has been working t o preserve, protect and restore his sacred mother land through a holi stic approach. After enhancing his understanding on Yoga across v arious centers in the country, he is now doing his research in the SVYSA Yoga University. He is also been travelling around the world spreading the yogic knowledge. He is always connec ted to his people and soil.

Beatriz Contreras Milla


Beatriz Contreras Milla is a Social Worker, Yoga Teacher, Spanish teacher and Doula. She is from Spain and has a background in social services working in community as a subject. She has collaborated with different International Social projects in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and India, by linking women and communities.Apart from being the Co-founder of LIVE HAPPY NGO, Beatriz is also founded the Two Lives Movement — “One for living, and one for learning”, which facilitates the promotion of interchanges and intercultural experiences between India and Spain. Ayurveda and yoga has helped her to understand her role in different situations in various countries. Thanks to her experience in traveling and getting involved in small communities, she has realized that we have to reinvent ourself everyday without losing our authenticity and soul.


Project Coordinator

Goan at heart and the profession I have been NURTURED into- Mental Health (MSc. Clinical Psychology). Aforementioned are matters that I am passionately aligned with and LIVE HAPPY is the melting pot that brings these together. This is evident in my academic background and personal life. I firmly believe that the conundrum of Mental Health is something that is an integrated and interdependent entity of several factors and at no cost be targeted in isolation. Apart from Social Welfare and Mental Health, my interests are vested in Neuroscience, Politics, Sports, Art, Culture, and History, just to name a few.